Our Story

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“Prima-Derm is committed to
INNOVATION as a key factor
of differentiation and constant growth.”

José María García Antón

Doctor of Chemistry and
founder of Prima-Derm

2008 Prima-Derm was founded by Dr. José María García Antón. Doctor of Chemistry with an extensive track record in the field of research in the pharmaceutical industry and the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council). He managed to introduce peptides into the cosmetic world and one of his most important achievements was the design of the hexapeptide for expression wrinkles best known.

2009 SingulaDerm is the expert brand in molecular cosmetics. High precision, efficacy and quality cosmetics due to our innovative active ingredients. A brand trusted by pharmacies.

2012 The US group Lubrizol, owned by Warren Buffet, purchased Lipotec. Dr. José María García Antón decided to dedicate 100% of his activities to Prima-Derm.
– We launched Skin Method brand, based on the active cosmetic concept, for the mass market.

2013 OneGen/0.1 was launched to the market, the first brand to offer personalized treatment based on the DNA test and lifestyle.
–Prima-Derm offers a revolutionary skin analysis with 3D technology. The only camera that can accurately measure wrinkles, texture, scars, skin color, redness and pigmentation. It provides a full overview of the skin and our skin experts recommend the most appropriate treatment for each person.

2014 We wanted something new and fresh and that’s how it was born Crea-m cosmetics, a unique brand sold exclusively online.

2015 Prima-Derm receives the Medal of Honor for Promoting Invention awarded every year by Fundación García Cabrerizo, an entity related to the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).
–Inauguration of Prima-Derm`s FlagShip Store in the heart of Barcelona:  Skin Genomic Center. A place to discover the best products and to test the efficacy. We offer a complete and customized cosmetic treatment.

2016 Prima-Derm developed Pediatopic brand. Atopic skin care for Laboratorios Ordesa.

2017 The company’s expertise in genocosmetics has allowed us to develop a new brand: dermGO, exclusive genocosmetics. According to the most frequent genetic predisposition profiles identified in human DNA, we have created specific high-performance solutions.
–Prima-Derm developed a customized genocosmetic brand exclusively for the British company Harrods.

2018 The first cosmetic perfume INNER parfum,  was born. A unique formulation that neutralizes malodor caused by skin oxidation.

2020 Prima-Derm launched the brand GENIDENTITY™  Skincare thanks to the most advanced molecular science to be experienced in beauty salons.

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