About us

Innovating every day for the beauty of tomorrow

30 years of passion for science have allowed us to perform in three business fields: active ingredients development, dermocosmetic care and skin genetic research. Our single goal is to provide the most innovative solutions to enhance your beauty and well-being.

We control all our processes from start to finish. We participate in the research and development of next-generation active ingredients. This enables us to include the highest concentration of active ingredients in our formulas, thus guaranteeing the greatest efficiency. This is the Prima-Derm guarantee.

Our Manifest

Our research begins where life starts, among cells, molecules and DNA. We spend the day in lab coats, surrounded by test tubes and microscopes, and we have to admit it, we love it!

Our first brand was launched in 2009, during the economic crash, and people thought we were crazy.

11 years later, we have created 7  brands and gained popularity in 23 countries. In Spain we have performed more than 155,000 skin analyzes.

We know you are unique and we listen to your skin. These are the reasons why we create specialized and effective beauty rituals.

We love cells! We carry out a lot of research activities because we know that acting strategically on cells is the only thing that will guarantee that your skin, health and beauty reflect the best of you.

We prefer to invest more in the quality of our formulas to guarantee the results. This is what really matters!

10 years of experience

Innovating every day

Our formulations are based on the most innovative active ingredients and the latest technologies.

Present in 23 countries

and more to come

We are an expanding company that is prepared to face the new technological challenges of the future.

7 brands to innovate

Specific products for every need

Over the years, we have created 7 advanced cosmetic brands, always considering your needs.

155,000 skin tests

Thousands of hours of research

We use the latest research from our network of top scientists in order to develop products that optimize skin health safety and effectively.

Our online store

Prima-Derm Online Store offers you the best discoveries we have made during all these years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did when we create them.

  1. As a pharmaceutical professional rule, each of our formulas contains between 1 and 3 patents. Sometimes even more!
  2. We have invested at least 5 years of testings in each formula. Fortunately, as we have mentioned, we love the lab!
  3. Love, passion and the highest concentration as possible of active ingredients in each formula. The more, the better!
  4. We really appreciate when our customers call us or write to us explaining how our products improved their well-being. These unforgettable stories inspire us.
  5. Of course none of our products is tested on animals, at the lab we know there are many other ways to test the efficacy of a product.

For years, thousands of pharmacists, dermatologists and customers recommend us every day. What are you waiting for? Give us a try! You may not believe it, but your cells will love it!

Our mission is to ensure that after using our products, people on the street stop you and ask you why you look so good.

From that point on, we leave it up to you whether or not you confess your beauty secrets, although we would love you to do it.

Our values

Our values are the best way to achieve the best results.

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